Four Faces of ProcurementIn a recent briefing paper, Peter Smith from Spend Matters UK/Europe looks at how Procurement may develop over the next few years.
In particular, he considers the skills and characteristics that the (not-too-distant) future procurement professional is likely to need in our rapidly changing world.
He believes that the successful procurement professional of the future will need to develop both strong internal and external focus, and will demonstrate analytical and inter-personal strengths.
The combination of two dimensions lead to the “four faces” of procurement, which are discusssed in more details in this paper:

The Diplomat – worldly, sophisticated, connected but tough
The Analyst – understanding global trends, data, markets and suppliers
The Investigator – using internally generated data to drive value opportunities
The Leader – working with internal colleagues to deliver organisational value

Follow this link: to download your free copy of this briefing paper.