Supply Chain Sustainability starts with effective Training and Development

Supply Chain Sustainability starts with effective Training and Development Sustainable supply chain is arguably one of the major requirements currently facing organizations. While traditional supply chain focused mainly upon value for money considerations; sustainable supply chain acts as a game changer by integrating environmental and social considerations into the supply chain process. The goal is […]

Best Practices for Successful Stakeholder Management

An effective stakeholder management can be your greatest asset by supporting your projects in times of need. It is an essential part to be considered in project management as it gives you more insight about the people who will be affected by the project. The influence of stakeholders on your project can be huge, and […]

Cost Management Training for continuous Business Success

Organizations are in constant pursuit of increased profitability through cost reduction as this is a vital factor for competitive advantage and strategic positioning in the market. To ensure sustainable development of a business, an effective cost management strategy is required. A good cost management system allows companies to predict expenditures and prevent the risk of […]

Does your Corporate Learning Culture boost your business’s bottom line?

Corporate learning has taken a new dimension due to the constant competitive necessity to upskill the workforce in relation to the evolving economic situation and technological advances. Large corporations are going to the extra mile by adopting an innovative learning culture to ensure continuous improvements within their businesses. The annual report that analyzes the FORTUNE […]

Trends that will shape Digital Learning in 2017

Emerging technologies have brought significant transformation in the corporate e-learning industry. New training methodologies combined with technology have gained increased importance among global leading corporations that recognize the strategic advantage of having competent and loyal staffs. Consequently, the concept of e-learning has been evolving during the past decades as an innovative learning solution which has […]

Digital learning at the heart of Business Value

Digitization has taken the world by storm and the learning industry has also been impacted by this evolution in technology. Gradually traditional learning has given way to digital learning which has reshaped teaching. Tech-savvy millennials have a completely different mindset as far as learning is concerned. A PWC report stated that the millennial generation’s world […]