Because of the digital revolution, everyone realizes how important Supply Chains always were!


  • The Supply Chain Academy helps corporate customers to quickly install their own corporate academy.
  • Each corporate academy contains digital e-learning courses, selected for different employee groups.
  • These market-leading techniques ensure that knowledge of “best practices” is quickly remembered and able to be applied.


Supply Chain Academy Presentation


We live in a time where and many other similar success stories have changed ideas about what is possible for Supply Chains.


Digital Supply Chain Management is one important area which our courses can cover. Even companies who have a different formula for success, have a stronger interest than ever to understand what is happening in other companies.


Supply Chain Management is also an area where new types of communication and analysis still run up against old types of problems that have been around since big business mainly involved wooden sailing boats. And these are areas where we also have specific courses. For example:


  • Warehouse Operator Courses. Far from being a purely technical issue, supply chain management involves “people problems” as much today as it always has. Good supply chains require good coordination and understandings between teams of people who are often distant from each other and not highly trained.


  • As another example, making the right supply chain decisions can sometimes become an old-fashioned discussion about how many physical warehouses are needed, where they should be, and how their roles can be divided. There are more approaches to these old problems today than in the past, not less.


Most importantly, what a new generation of business leaders are realizing afresh is that the way each company manages its supply chain is a “make or break” issue.


Course Demo Videos

Supply Chain – Management

Supply Chain – Creation

Introduction to Supply Chain Planning – Sales & Operations Planning Process