E-learning to survive a "Retail Apocalypse"

Our training prepares retail supply-chain teams for change, and creates an ecosystem where innovation can thrive

    • High impact e-learning which is as effective as classroom training.

    • Highly engaging, with a 90% learner satisfaction score.

    • Scenario-based lessons, showing learners how to apply the information.

    • Training is tailored to different roles at your organization using our best in class MASTER competence model.

Can your supply chain team survive and thrive despite the "Amazon Effect"

Customer expectations are changing rapidly, demanding a fast, seamless and personalized experience. This impacts supply chains dramatically.

Are you confident that your people are ready for this disruptive change in your retail market?

Supply Chain Academy makes corporate teams future-proof in a seamless, fast and personalized way, using second generation high impact e-learning.

Verifiable results

Our game-changing user-friendly dashboard has been developed to give clear oversight and management of the corporate academy.

External benchmark

Our certification system gives both a measure of performance, and a positive acknowledgment of work completed.

Course Demo Videos

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