Digitalization is disrupting the Retail Supply Chain

The Amazon Effect When Amazon bought Wholefoods share prices of retailers dropped. Shareholders and the financial press remain nervous. The competition to redefine the way retailing is done is far from over, but it is clear that supply chain know-how and innovation is now under the spotlight.

Strategies which were once dangerous or even unimaginable, are now changing the game…

  • Higher delivery-speed and service expectations, without increased charges
  • New supply chain and warehousing solutions, that can work now only because of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • New sustainability targets, and high customer expectations.

But to stay in the game, retailers need a fast and flexible way to teach new ideas to their supply chain, logistics, and procurement teams. That is where Supply Chain Academy comes in with the solution.

How can a large organization follow fast-changing supply chain strategies?

Use the latest and best training techniques, to get everyone speaking the same language. 

Supply Chain Academy makes corporate teams future-proof in a seamless, fast and personalized way, using second generation high impact e-learning.

This is the only Supply Chain e-learning that is:

  1. As effective as classroom learning
  2. Highly engaging, with a 90% learner satisfaction score
  3. Scenario-based, helping learners apply what they learn

It is a true game changer.

Relevant learning programs

Our DigitalizationAnalytics, and Sustainable Logistics courses for Supply Chain managers are part of a large catalog.

Your people will be trained for all the competences they need for their corporate role, with special attention to digital supply-chain subjects.

Programs can be fully online or combined with traditional learning.



Verifiable results

Our game-changing user-friendly dashboard has been developed to give clear oversight and management of the corporate academy.

External benchmark

Our certification system gives both a measure of performance, and a positive acknowledgment of work completed.


Course Demo Videos

Supply Chain Academy Presentation

Amazon – Customer Obsession

Value Stream Mapping

Beergame Trailer

Lean Warehousing – Importance of Standardization

Distribution Network Optimization – Facilities Costs


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