Procurement Academy - how to improve your productivity
Honing procurement skills is a multi-step process that encompasses capabilities for searching, storing, retrieving and sharing information. This amounts to increased productivity as there is an easy access to information as and when you need it. So, how do you ensure that the multi-step process to fine-tune your skills yields only the best results

Learning: Learning is a continuously evolving process that keeps equipping you with knowledge that assists you in enhancing your productivity at the workplace. The skill-set you currently possess would soon be dated as there is an overwhelming consistency in the way processes and designs are being evolved.

You must have a deep-rooted understanding of the business you are in and as the advancements take place, you have to update yourself with redefined parameters. Formulate a learning plan for yourself and your team and ask the management of your organization if you can get funds to train your team.

Information Allocation: The present-day digital age embodies ideas. These ideas lead to evolvement of more information. The rising information graph is the most sustainable facet of this age as on-line and off-line sources of information are only multiplying. However, with this ‘explosion’ of information, there is an increasing possibility or threat of not putting this information to right use.

The misallocation of information makes it impossible to analyze the information and channel to the right tools. Thus, you must know that what piece of information be allocated to which task. As a cohesive whole, information must be transformed into an effective application.

Networking At the end of the day, you need to ascertain that the right people get access to the right knowledge. Establishing a network where you are connected to people with varied area of expertise is important. However, this process cannot be accomplished overnight.

You need to meet new people and gauge them for their expertise by asking them questions and studying their background. Storing those records at a place which you can access anytime, anywhere follows next. The questions that you ask should be objective. So, instead of putting forth queries that have answers in ‘Yes and ‘No’, you must ask ‘How’. You have to be sure that the people you are assigning jobs have credible knowledge and experience.

Communication: If you endeavour to be productive, you must advocate effective communication. The ideas must travel and they must travel fast. You must communicate your strategies and plans to the team by building channels where everyone else can put forth their inputs and get their ideas across. Arrange meetings, hold presentations, take questions, ask questions and make sure that each member of your team is well-versed with how the information needs to be implemented in a forward-driven manner.

Good procurement skills help large organizations stay on the growth curve and lead the way in innovation. It is the prerogative of the managers to ensure that there are no lapses when it comes to enhancing the on-the-job and within the classroom procurement skills.