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The Internet of Things Key Trends

This course acquaints learners with what the ‘Internet of Things’ is, how it is being used by the world’s leading companies for continuously collecting very large amounts of data, and how this data can be used for creating supply chain value and competitive advantage.

Learning for Amazon

Learners will gain insights into how Amazon uses technology and supply chain excellence to create a great customer experience, and how they can implement these practices in their own company, to gain market leadership.

Statistical Diagnostic Analytics

In this course, Learners will be able to use correlation to diagnose the cause of business results and test their hypotheses using various hypothesis testing techniques.

Getting Information from Big Data

This course gives learners an overview of the objectives of big data analytics, and acquaints learners with how to separate useful data from noise, how to prepare data for analysis, and how to store data.

Data Preparation

This course is part of a series of courses aimed at practitioners charged with using 'Big Data' to produce actionable insights..

Descriptive Analytics

You will learn about analytics tools used in business analysis, statistics for descriptive analytics, and how to use probability distributions.

Predictive Analytics

In this course, the Learner will learn about pattern recognition, regression and statistical demand forecasting.

Data Mining and Machine Learning

In this course, the Learner will learn types of machine learning, clustering algorithms as well as other machine algorithms.