If there is one thing most buyers have to be familiar with, it’s conducting a negotiation.
In a recent article, Eldonna Lewis-Fernandez gives us her view on the 7 most important factors to getting a good result.

  • Project confidence through preparednessNegotiationRather than being aggressive or having a lot of experience, Ms. Lewis-Fernandez considers being prepared for the negotiation critical for success.
    It gives you confidence in your arguments, and being able to anticipate objections and wants of the negotiation partner can help you lessen their defensive stance.
  • Understand that everything is negotiable
    A great negotiator should start from the mindset that everything is possible if you find the right way.
    According to Ms. Lewis-Fernandez, not letting every little objection get in your way can open new doors and produce amazing results.
  • Create a strong foundation by building relationships first
    Eldonna states that building a personal relationship with the person you bargain with can be a great help in any negotiation. A decent conversation can give you a lot of useful information.
    Knowing what the other person thinks important, what annoys them, etc. can help you in bringing the negotiation to a succesful end.

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