In this short article I want to highlight the top eLearning challenges for the coming years. How to take your employees to a higher level of performance with a snap of the finger?

An increasing number of large companies and institutions are turning to eLearning as they recognize its effectiveness and its convenience. Here are some important statistics and facts for the coming years, some which may even surprise you.

  • The global eLearning Industry will reach an annual growth rate of approximately 9.2 %. The top Growth rates by Country are, India + 55 %, China + 52%, Malaysia +41%, Romania + 38%, Poland +28%, …. you will notice, the absence of Western-European countries …
  • Online Corporate training for worldwide companies is expected to grow by 13% per year. Today, 77% of USA companies already provide some sort of online training to improve the professional development of their employees.
  • Top buyers of eLearning products and services are mainly large companies. This is not really surprising. Corporate training delivery methods are still mainly training hours by an instructor, but 29.1 % of training hours were delivered by eLearning.
  • The demand for eLearning software and services will increase rapidly. Referring to the 2014 training industry report, 44% of companies intent to purchase online learning tools and systems in the coming years.
    Learners and companies are increasingly turning to eLearning companies and online training to achieve their personal and professional goals. And the coming years hold the promise of even more learners expanding their educational horizons. What does the next year provide or have in store for your eLearning career? Do you believe that it is high time to become a leader in eLearning education?

If you do believe that it is high time to stimulate eLearning within your company, be the one to insist to choose a right partner. Because you are an important link in the supply chain and you are looking for online courses to help you and your team members to reach a higher level. Lifelong learning is an absolute must and can be reached by choosing the right partner for your goals and needs. Every professional of a global organisation should stimulate education in corporate companies to take the performance of the employees to a higher level.

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