Training implies enhancing the skills and knowledge of the employees for performing a specific job. Training tries to improve employees’ performance in current job and prepares them for future job. The crucial consequence of training is learning.

Employee Training ProgramObjectives of an Employee Training Program

  • To prepare employees to meet the varying and challenging needs of the job and organization
  • To provide knowledge and skills to new entrants and to help them to perform their role and job well.
  • To coach employees for more complex and higher level jobs.
  • To educate employees new and innovative ways and techniques of performing job.

Benefits of Trained Employees

Training is a significant tool for employee development. Training has assumed great importance because of the exceptional rate of change in the internal and external organizational environment. The importance/benefits of trained personnel towards organizational development are as follows:

  • Trained employees do not require tight control and supervision as they are well aware of how to perform a job.
  • Trained employees can show higher performance by making optimum and best utilization of the materials, tools, equipments and other resources provided to them.
  • Trained employees optimize the use of resources in the organization and work both efficiently and effectively.
  • Training makes employees more committed to an organization as the employees are provided with growth, advancement and learning opportunities.
  • Training develops a line of proficient and skilled managers as it prepares employees for complex and higher level tasks.
  • Trained employees adjust to the job better and there are fewer rates of absenteeism and turnover.
  • Trained employees produce quality and quantity output.
  • Trained employees enable the organization to face competition from rival firms.
  • Trained employees can respond and adapt to the changing technology well.
  • Trained employees become more proficient and, thus, their earning potential increases.