What warehouses need most

The potential costs and damages of warehouse staff who lack sufficient awareness and training are enormous.

Mistakes or carelessness by warehouse operators can mean damage to assets, employee stress, increased staff turnover, diverted resources, lost and unhappy customers, claims and even tragic accidents.

The 21st century demands more than ever from supply chains, and so there is a desperate need for a warehouse operator training method that is faster and more cost-effective, than traditional methods.

The Answer is High Impact e-Learning

Supply Chain Academy uses second generation digital e-learning techniques. Learners can take their lessons anywhere, anytime.

  • As effective as classroom learning.
  • Highly engaging, with a 90% learner satisfaction score.
  • Scenario-based, helping learners apply what they learn.

It is a game changer.

  • Per Learner licence includes:

    • Access to Certified program for 4 months
    • Issue of Certificates
    • Management Report with learner completion record



Relevant learning programs

In just 80 minutes, your warehouse operators will learn:

  • Why warehouses operate in the way they do.
  • How their actions affect the business.
  • The connection between their behavior and the safety of everyone.
  • The importance of doing things right the first time.

Fast, easy implementation

Up and running in less than a week:

Workers bench-marked and certified

  • Our assessment and certification system is a benchmark, which verifies the training results.
  • Every learner receives a valuable certificate on completion of the program.

Course Demo Videos

Introduction to Warehousing – Operations Management

Introduction to Warehousing — Operations Management

Warehouse Operations – Wave Picking

Warehouse Operations — Wave Picking

Warehouse Operations

Warehouse Operations

Demand Forecasting Methods – Forecast Horizon

Demand Forecasting Methods — Forecast Horizon

Capacity Planning – Design

Capacity Planning — Design

Inventory Control – ABC Analysis

Inventory Control — ABC Analysis


How much could that be worth to your organization?

Inquire today, and find out how you can raise your warehouse performance fast and cost effectively.

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