Warehouse director challenges

Warehousing efficiency and productivity contribute to the overall success of any business. It does not only impact the success of the actual warehouse but it also leads to the success of the customers trusting on the warehouse for storage and order fulfillment. One way to maximize warehouse productivity levels is to have the proper training strategies in place.

In a performing warehouse – your main challenges are your people:

  • Staff turnover – On-boarding seasonal workers.
  • Lack of (resource) time to provide training.

Supply Chain Academy-Certified Warehouse Operator program offers you the tools to train your staff quickly and effectively so they understand:

  • How their actions affect the business.
  • The basics of warehouse safety.

Highly effective program

Ensuring warehouse success depends on various factors. Opting for effective training strategies can go a long way in making sure that your warehouse is working as it should. Business leaders need to understand that competent employees are the key to maintain proper warehouse operations and therefore the main focus should be on improving employees’ skills. Ultimately, warehouse productivity leads to reduced costs and competitive advantage.

In just 80 minutes, your Operators will:

  • Learn why warehouses operate in the way they do.
  • Learn how their actions affect the business.
  • Make the connection between their behavior and the safety of everyone.

Certified warehouse operator program content:

Fast, easy implementation

Up and running in less than a week:


Workers assessed and certified

  • Improved employee engagement.
  • Your internal Operator performance standard raised.
  • Every learner receives a valuable certificate on completion of the program.

Inquire today, and find out how you can raise your warehouse performance fast and cost effectively.

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