Certification For Supply chain ExpertsUpon successful completion of their comprehensive program, learners will receive a dual Client/Supply Chain Academy certificate, testifying that they have acquired the necessary skills to become a world-class supply chain professional that can deliver real value to the company they work for.

Unlike traditional training institutes, which tend to take a generalist, “one size fits all” approach to supply chain training, Supply Chain Academy designs and delivers its training programs in close cooperation with its customers. This Role-based Learning approach ensures that our learners acquire exactly those skills that are needed to take the supply chain organization to the next level. The result: more confident, better performing individuals that make teams excel!

Supply Chain Academy’s courses are highly innovative and have been validated academically. Therefore, they fit perfectly in an environment where continuous learning and people development are important values.

IFPSM Accreditation

In May 2015, we became the first commercial training provider to get global accreditation by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM).
The IFPSM is the umbrella association of 45 national and regional purchasing and supply chain associations worldwide, with over 250,000 professionals the largest and most global representation in the procurement and supply chain industry. Their main goal is to significantly increase professionalism of all buyers and supply chain staff across the world. For more info visit www.ifpsm.org.


Looking for an individual training or course?

Supply Chain Academy offers corporate-based learning programs that are often part of challenging change programs. Our customers have high ambitions for their supply chain, and are looking for distinctive learning that will bring theory to life. That is the only way for us to guarantee we form professionals that have the skills and insights they need to really make a difference.

As a consequence, we do not typically offer our courses on a single-user basis. If you are interested in taking our courses, talk to your manager. Your training effort will be much more awarding if we involve your manager and if he or she makes use of your newly acquired skills.

Please contact us for more information.