9 Ways AI Can Boost Your Sales Exponentially

Every business could use an occasional boost in their sales. There are several ways in which AI can help you accomplish this.    There’s a lot of hard work and time involved in driving sales. You must research potential clients, make pitches to them, and continue to follow up with them before finally making a […]

How to Maximize Profits with Customer Retention Strategies?

Customer retention is an essential element for growth and long-term profits for any business. In order to stay relevant and ensure customer satisfaction, it’s essential to constantly optimize and update your customer retention strategies. Everything from campaigns to improving your omnichannel strategy can help you boost customer retention and increase trust and loyalty. It is common for business leaders to think […]

Overcoming Employee Engagement Challenges

Low employee engagement represents a major challenge for various organizations. It is essential that businesses engage with their staff to keep their workforce motivated and productive since the poor employee engagement can lead to a company’s downfall. A 2012 report states that companies around the globe are spending $720 million USD a year on improving […]

Future Procurement Podcast – Interview of David Rajakovich

Robert Freeman from Future Procurement interviewed David Rajakovich – managing partner at Procurement Academy and Supply Chain Academy. Below is the transcript and podcast of the interview, highlighting the innovative solutions of Procurement and Supply Chain Academy.   Listen to the full interview here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ek0ef0d160zgal5/038-podcast-with-interview-David1_v2.mp3?dl=0   Tell a little bit about your background and your current […]

Best practices to identify and solve organizational skill gaps

Is the fast-paced, ever-changing corporate world on the verge of a skills crisis? The challenge to bridge skill gaps in organizations is becoming increasingly tough, mostly due to the accelerating pace of technological change. It is not uncommon to hear business leaders and employees talking about the skills gap. Basically, a skill gap is a […]

What are the current transportation challenges in supply chain?

  Transportation accounts for a huge amount of expenses in the supply chain logistic overall cost and thus stands for the largest element in it. The backbone of any sustainable supply chain relies on a performing and reliable transportation network. Transportation has been a major component enabling trade for centuries. Its processes are a significant […]

Are your stakeholders your advocates?

  It is called by many terms – “internal consultant”, “business partner”, “having a seat at the table”, but the ultimate goal of Procurement professionals is early involvement and influence in sourcing decisions based on trust and competence. Listed below are some approaches that I’ve found to be effective across multiple industries around the globe: […]

Cost Reduction – Strategies to adopt for a Successful Supply Chain flow

  Demand and supply are the key drivers in procurement and supply chain. The relationship between the quantity of commodity manufacturers supply and consumers wish to buy has resulted in a vast array of strategies that have been implemented over several years to make cost reduction possible. The implementation of effective cost reduction strategies is […]

Boosting Profitability through an effective Category Management Strategy

  Procurement and supply chain have certainly become the two important aspects of various organizations globally. However, as a result of increased internal and external factors, managing both of them is interestingly challenging. In the quest of identifying real corporate needs and finding ways to influence business decisions, Category Management is playing a vital role. […]