The presence of autonomous vehicles and its impact on Supply Chains

It is certain that the transportation technology is in the midst of a revolution and autonomous vehicles are now the buzzword in the logistics industry. Advanced technologies are constantly improving the effectiveness of current transportation methods and these new developments are bound to re-shape mobility. A combination of developments in sophisticated computer navigation, GPS technology, […]

How does the Chinese New Year affect Global Supply Chain?

The Chinese New Year (CNY) normally represents the largest annual mass migration on the planet. You would certainly know this already if you outsource any product from China. Generally, CNY creates two to four weeks of complete silence from an entire country, including your suppliers, contract manufacturers, and partners. Almost everything shuts down, including the government […]

How will the US-China trade war affect global Supply Chain?

Today, trade war is the highest risk to global growth. Previously, lower tariffs and relaxed trade barriers reinforced global supply chain and caused a major increase in global trade. According to statistics, the average rate of tariffs on imports by World Trade Organization members declined from a little more than 12.74% in 1996 to 8.8% in 2016. Hence, […]

10 Strategies for improving Supplier Relationship Management

There is no doubt that strategic supplier relationship management is one of the most important means to drive competitive advantage for modern multi-national corporations. It is as important to extract the best from key partners as getting the best from employees. Let’s take for instance, companies like Toyota which excelled in supplier management, leading to a […]

Growing Trends that will continue to impact Supply Chain in 2019

Supply chain is one of the most important functions for any business in terms of supply of quality raw materials, effective manufacturing process, as well as tracking, transport and storage of the finished goods. Hence, organizations implementing well-designed supply chain practices are able to meet consumer needs in a more efficient and timely manner. It […]

Procurement, Supply Chain & Sales Academy among Top 10 Corporate Education & Training Companies 2018

Procurement, Supply Chain and Sales Academy Competency Development Experts Companies who provide e-learning face many daunting challenges. One of these is to create courses that have all the effectiveness of traditional classroom training. However, forward thinking companies see that classroom training does not allow specified and directed training to everyone. Procurement (and now Supply Chain […]

How will Technology transform Inventory Management in 2019 & beyond?

Technology has led inventory management to the next level. Numerous different systems and technology are available right now to help the process. It is certain that checking and rechecking stock is a complex and demanding task. Yet, it is critical for the successful running of any retail or manufacturing business. In case any mistakes happen, they affect […]

How to use New Technologies to Encourage Supply Chain Sustainability?

Supply chain sustainability includes best practices and technologies that take into account the environmental, social and legal aspects of a supply chain’s components as well as their economic factors. Achieving this goal necessitates the involvement of the entire supply chain. In order to meet the needs of customers and markets, manufacturers need up-to-date and accurate information about […]

How can Order Management Automation help your Business?

Evolving technologies has led to supply chain disruption and there has been a shift in various supply chain functions. One of them is order management automation. The one thing which customers want and that will make your company stand out of the crowd is to deliver the right product, at the right price, at the […]