How will Technology transform Inventory Management in 2019 & beyond?

Technology has led inventory management to the next level. Numerous different systems and technology are available right now to help the process. It is certain that checking and rechecking stock is a complex and demanding task. Yet, it is critical for the successful running of any retail or manufacturing business. In case any mistakes happen, they affect […]

How to use New Technologies to Encourage Supply Chain Sustainability?

Supply chain sustainability includes best practices and technologies that take into account the environmental, social and legal aspects of a supply chain’s components as well as their economic factors. Achieving this goal necessitates the involvement of the entire supply chain. In order to meet the needs of customers and markets, manufacturers need up-to-date and accurate information about […]

How can Order Management Automation help your Business?

Evolving technologies has led to supply chain disruption and there has been a shift in various supply chain functions. One of them is order management automation. The one thing which customers want and that will make your company stand out of the crowd is to deliver the right product, at the right price, at the […]

What are the Learning and Development Trends to adopt in 2019?

2019 is around the corner and it’s time to look back on employee performance and start planning the learning and development needs for the coming year. To all organizations, the workforce is considered as the biggest asset and the key to achieve business goals. It is critical to prepare your teams to perform in a […]

How to Maximize Profits with Customer Retention Strategies?

Customer retention is an essential element for growth and long-term profits for any business. In order to stay relevant and ensure customer satisfaction, it’s essential to constantly optimize and update your customer retention strategies. Everything from campaigns to improving your omnichannel strategy can help you boost customer retention and increase trust and loyalty. It is common for business leaders to think […]

Does Supply Chain Automation means that Human Jobs are at risk?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution consists of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), self-driving vehicles, renewable energy, and biotechnology to name a few. Those disruptive technologies have a great impact on the corporate world, mainly the Supply Chain. According to a report by Frost & Sullivan, shipments of mobile robotics will […]

Training and Digital learning trends for 2018

With today’s fast evolving corporate world, organizations are expected to adapt to the changing needs of training and improve their learning culture. Everything is evolving: Learners are more demanding, new technologies, new skills, automation, and globalization is expanding our reach. Our ability to adapt to change and how fast we adapt to it often defines […]

Best practices to ensure Warehouse Success

Warehouse and Inventory management are critical for supply chain success. Yet, these areas are often ignored and are not considered to be vital. Therefore leading to incorrect levels of inventory, delays, losses and poor customer service. Warehousing efficiency and productivity contribute to the overall success of any business. It does not only impact the success […]

How Blockchain is revolutionizing Supply Chain Management?

Blockchain has been designated as one of the top ten emerging technologies by the World Economic Forum , based on its potential to drastically change the way economies function. While the most prominent use of blockchain is in the cryptocurrency, it also has the potential to transform the procurement & supply chain functions. Handling today’s supply chains is highly […]

How To Recruit Business Transforming Talent

Automation may be revolutionizing the global economy, but ultimately it’s people, and their ability to create, innovate, solve problems and deal with other people, that will make or break your business. Training employees and making them feel satisfied at work is critical, but you need to go beyond this by bringing in new employees who […]