High-impact Supply Chain Online Training for Global Companies
High-impact Supply Chain Online Training for
Global Companies

Get the right supply chain training to the right people, anytime, anywhere

We upskill your entire supply chain team and qualify them for their roles – whether they work on the warehouse floor, or are charged with designing transportation networks. Training is done digitally from anywhere and on any device. 

Our personalized learning journeys get people to the right level of competence for their role and keep them there, across all necessary skills, from manufacturing to demand planning to advanced analytics. We do that through practical, hard-skills training that shows rather than tells.


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Creating Your Supply Chain Academy

Supply Chain Academy’s focus is on training global corporate supply chain departments. For our customers we create a world-class learning environment that will allow each individual within the team to develop the skills that are required for their specific roles.

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Your Academy

Customized Academies

Online training customizable to your organization’s way of working – all the way from your look and feel to your department’s roles and their required skills.


High-Impact E-learning

The course is structured like a real life situation – shows the problem and delivers the solution. It engages the learner through interactive exercises.

Role-based training

Role-based Training

Train your employees on all skills relevant to their roles. Create learning journeys personalized to individual learners’ needs and their knowledge level.


Skills Gap Analysis

Choose from three different options to determine how your employees will receive their personalized training. Use a learning journey determined by role, a quiz or a self-assessment to define learners’ current proficiency level.



Program Support

Our friendly support team is always ready to help, with a single point of contact for each learner and active support for academy coordinators, senior leaders and managers.


Global Standard Certification

We are the only commercial organization that has achieved accreditation of the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM). Be assured that your team will receive the highest standard in practical learning. 


Trusted by more than 150  global organizations


SBB AG attaches great importance to the continuous and targeted development of its employees. With the Supply Chain & Procurement Academies we have found a partner that ideally supports this approach. The individualized learning plans, based on a pre-assessment, enable optimal learning success. The current learning content, which is offered in a modern form, ensures a high level of practical relevance.

Stefan Menziger

Vice President Global Procurement at Cimpress

Head of SCM Academy at Schweizerische Bundesbahnen AG



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